“Marco’s work on ‘Shot At The Moon’ is unique and deeply personal. It’s music that speaks to the soul, detailing the many ways that humans survive and dream, their wishes and their joys, and the various ways that they interpret the meaningful moments in their lives.

“Musically, Marco’s work harks back to the classic eras of American rock, channeling the dark, evocative styles of R.E.M., Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Neil Young, particularly on the rolling anthemics of the title track and lead single ‘This Is Where We Meet’. They’re simple but effective cuts that are built upon a solid foundation of atmospheric guitar, heavy bass, and subtle, yet powerful percussion. Marco’s vocals croon and flow throughout his instrumentals, never overstepping the marks of stealing too much of the focus, and the balance that is created between voice and music leads to some truly evocative moments


“Marco’s music echoes the work of artists as diverse as Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen or Mumford & Songs - with the edge of alternative rock blending in with delicate folk melodies and honest lyrics with a personal feel.”

“The most striking feature of “This is Where We Meet” is how the vocals seamlessly fall into place within the arrangement, gracefully cutting through layers of stunning guitar lines and solid rhythms.


“Solid combination of bass, drums, organs and his signature guitar-work start up the rhythm & groove on Marco’s new single, sounding somewhere in between something like The Wallflowers and Dire Straits…just enough of a hint of Americana Rock without giving that secret fully away or making it obvious.