My journey from CEO to singer-songwriter

If somebody had told me a year ago that I would record my own album - with some of the best musicians in the industry - and have a music video out, I would have called them crazy. 
After 25 years of corporate life, I worried whether I would actually ever realize my life-long dream of writing songs, playing music and recording an album.  Did I have it in me? I wasn’t sure I was cut out for that.  
But as Elizabeth McCracken says in her book, the Giant’s House: “who cut you out?”  I guess I was just cutting myself out, without even trying. 
So I did it.  I stopped searching for meaning and decided to create it.  And now I’m both really nervous and proud to present my first “official” video, from my first album, to be released next week.  
I’m so grateful to the many people that have supported and encouraged me on this journey.  This is where I am right now.   
This is for all of you, warts and all ... This Is Where We Meet.