I’m a self-taught singer, songwriter and musician who started playing guitar at age 14, when a high school friend taught me my first chords.  Picking up that guitar and learning basic chords was the first step in a decades-long love affair with making music. Over the years, I have played solo and in bands and started writing songs. Little did I know then that a casual challenge would become a passion that would provide me lifelong source of inspiration, calm and solace.
I didn’t become a musician right away.  As the pressures of growing up into a traditional Italian family took center stage, I swapped my passion for responsibility.    I threw myself deeply into the intellectual challenges the business world provided and built a career in the corporate world.  I moved to the US and earned an MBA from Columbia University. I got married and became a successful corporate manager, working at highly respected companies such as UPS and American Express.  I then returned to Italy as an entrepreneur and started a business, which I successfully ran for nearly 20 years. 
Music was always there, but in the background, picking me up or energizing me when I needed it, as I ran faster and faster on the Corporate Treadmill. As a hobby and for fun, I performed with all types of local bands and groups.  With my love for blues, folk and rock, it was not hard to find gigs in clubs, small theaters, charity galas and even in gospel choirs and a cappella groups in Italy.  A steady and loyal friend, but not a driving factor in my life. 
For many, I had made it.  I had reached the “promised land”: I was running my own successful company, managed a talented set of people and had a loving family.  What could be missing?  If you’ve ever tasted passion, you know what I’m getting at:   you crave it and it keeps clawing at the door until you open up and let it in.  Success leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment and pride, but it doesn’t necessarily give you all the meaning and purpose you crave for in this life.  I knew I was not living a passionate life. 
How was I growing personally?  What was really important to me?  These are the questions that were plaguing me as I went through product launches, sales meetings and budget reviews. You know how this story ends:  I gave it up.  I let go of what I thought others expected of me, and I decided to follow my passion … .and then, of course, I wrote about it. 
After 25 years, I have finally made music a central part of my life. I started taking guitar, piano and singing lessons to polish up my rusty music skills, and I’m now able to spend a good part of my time writing songs and playing live gigs. Making good use of the skills gained over all those years of corporate work, I also keep my hand in the business world, and spend half my time advising startup companies and young entrepreneurs in successfully launching their own businesses in a way that fulfills them.
My music is about the different ways humans survive and interpret big and small events in their lives.  I draw on the issues that resonate most intensely to me – my experience as an Italian flirting with someone else’s music heritage and how your very essence can make you a stranger to your environment even in every day, small ways.
Today I’m finally living my dream - making music the main melody of my life rather than just backup.
I’m thrilled to be working with fantastic people on my first EP. 
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